Fruit and vegetables already are zero rated for VAT. And as oat drink contains only 10% oats it would be inaccurate to describe it as 'milk'. Would an orange drink containing only 10% orange be classified as juice?

Laboratory engineered cell-based 'food', no thank you; describing it as a 'smart' protein project gives the game away. And any plant product which has animal genes infused into it is not vegan.

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What do you mean by "gives the game away?"

Some countries still carry 0-5% VAT on produce, and I think your writing sounds like you appeal to nature in this way. Our produce is largely genetically modified; i.e. "laboratory engineered." I think the reasoning for "oat drink->oat milk" is just so consumers will be less hesitant to buy it over cow's milk, as there is lingual equivalency. On these subjects, I respect your opinions, I just think that if being slightly "misleading" (if we use the 100% juice standards) with the language, or if using tiny amounts of animal cells gets people to choose the "oat drinks/cultivated meats" over the suffering secretions/someone's flesh, then I'm all for it. In the context of this particular newsletter, I only care about what's hopeful for animals gaining rights: a Vegan world. Good nutrition while Vegan is a topic for another newsletter. I've never considered the juice comparison, though. Thank you, and thank you for the rest of your feedback. I have to triple check some of these sources! Hope to hear from you soon.

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