What is this?

Sometimes cynical, often hopeful, always stimulating.

VEGAN WORLD NOW is a newsletter and community crafted to cultivate introspection, hope, and connection in both curious omnivores and ethical Vegans.

Herein, I do two things:

  1. I transform ambiguous ideas into concrete concepts. I share nuanced and thought provoking essays related to Veganism on a semi-regular basis.

  2. I provide you with a monthly listicle of hopeful Vegan news proving that a VEGAN WORLD is coming. I share this on the last day of every month.

If you’re a curious omnivore or an ethical Vegan, this newsletter is for you. Join me and arm yourself with the truth about how we can demolish this dystopia and build a VEGAN WORLD NOW.

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Who writes this?

VEGAN WORLD NOW is written by me, Dani Linavi (@thatdaniperson). I’m a non-binary Vegan of 3+ years and a solo Animal Rights Activist. I have a passion for trying to understand Humanity and I’d like to share that with you through my Vegan lens. For more about me, my experiences, and what I stand for, click all the things on my website:


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Dani Linavi

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